Training your dog while you are busy or on vacation.

For those owners seeking a comprehensive dog obedience training program but don't have the time to put in the daily practice necessary to achieve this goal, this is the program for you.Your dog will be placed on a training program that includes daily training sessions with his/her trainer.  During this 1-3 week program the dog will practice his/her obedience at home and with "real life distractions".

The trainer comes out to your home and trains your dog once a day Monday-Friday and trains your dog. If you are out of town we can offer this service daily 7 days a week and also provide care for your pet for an additional fee.

A evaluation of you and your dog are prerequisites for those enrolling in the  program. We want to ensure that your trainer has a clear understanding of where you and your dog currently are and, more importantly, where you want to be at the completion of your dog's training.

At the completion of the training program you and your dog will participate in an 60- 90 min private lesson that is included with the program.
The follow-up private  training lesson gives you the opportunity to review your dog's new foundation obedience and work with your personal trainer one-on-one. The trainer will show you how to take what your dog now knows and incorporate it into your everyday life.

Your evaluation and private lesson ensure that you are a full participant in your dog's training plan and skills development. This ultimately brings you and your dog more quickly to your training and handling goals. We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of you as a participant in your dogs training that we do not offer this service without it.


Training at your home-
Trainer comes to your home Monday-Friday and trains your dog for approximately one hour 
(2 week minim). Most dogs learn all there basics (sit, down, stay, come, wait at the door, leash walking, etc.) in 2-3 weeks.
$300-400 per week depending on your location. ($300 Menifee/Suncity area)

Vacation Training at your home- If you are out of town we offer the training at home service up to 7 days a week and also provide care for your pet/s for an additional fee.

This programs include a private lesson with the owner.~
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