4 Paws Training and Global Learning Partners present:

 "Learning to Listen,  Learning to Teach"

A four day hands-on workshop

 Making Learning Meaningful, Engaging, and Effective For Those You Are Teaching.

We know you have spent lot of time learning to train dogs but how much time have you spent learning to train the people holding the other end of the leash? It’s time to sharpen your people skills and find out about adult learning principles and how to practically apply them. 

Whether you teach group classes, private lessons, seminars for potential clients, staff trainings, or zoo presentations, this workshop will benefit you. This workshop is designed for anyone who educates adults.  Please feel free to invite your non animal trainer friends who are also educators as this workshop will be going over principals that all educators will benefit from and will not be dog training specific.

In this dynamic four-day workshop, you’ll directly experience the core concepts and practices of Dialogue Education’s unique learning-centered system. DE is a proven method for shifting the focus from you as the teacher, trainer, or facilitator, to your learners by bringing them into active relationship with the content and the learning process. The key to this approach is a change in focus from what an instructor says about a topic to what learners do with the content. If you’re a teacher, trainer or facilitator, you’ll immediately see improved results in your learning events.

When: October 01, 2013 - October 04, 2013
Location: Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, CA
Fee: $1,380 (Early Bird $1,242 | Before September 5, 2013 )

21 CPDT CEU's for Dog Trainers

The Principles & Practices of Dialogue Education


Dialogue Education™ (DE) is a learning-centered system of teaching and curriculum design that is uniquely purposeful, engaging, and collaborative. Unlike traditional methods that push information onto passive learners, DE brings the learner into active relationship with both the content and the learning process. As a result, DE has the power to utterly transform the way you teach, and to also transform the way your learners absorb and retain content.

In this dynamic four-day workshop, you’ll directly experience the core concepts and practices of Dialogue Education. By the time you leave, you’ll have helpful tools and skills that will completely re-engage your passion and purpose for teaching, training, or facilitating.

Who can benefit from DE?

"I would recommend this course to others. It does not matter how many years of experience you may have as a trainer, this course adds to your knowledge in a great way."

Dialogue Education has been successfully used worldwide by thousands of individuals and organizations, including those in the non-profit, NGO, corporate, academic, religious, and government sectors.

More specifically, Dialogue Education can have a transformative impact on your work if you are involved in:

  • facilitation
  • in-house training
  • public education and outreach
  • capacity-building
  • evaluation
  • managing organizational learning
  • organizing business and strategic planning meetings
  • managing professional development

Learning how to skillfully use the building blocks of Dialogue Education will:

  • Build your confidence as a teacher, trainer, or facilitator.
  • Guide you in designing a clear, structured, yet flexible curriculum for any learning event, and an environment for learning that is challenging, safe, and lively.
  • Allow you to guide your learners through a meaningful and profound shift in their knowledge, with demonstrable long-term results.
  • Enhance your value to your organization and beyond with skills that are transferable to a diverse range of situations and contexts.
  • Re-ignite your passion for teaching and leading others.

By the end of this workshop you will have . . .

  • Examined how to make learning real, meaningful, and relevant.
  • Used the Learning  Needs & Resources Assessment (LNRA) to understand your learners and make the learning relevant for them.
  • Created and facilitated a 30-minute design for learning using the 8 Steps of Design.
  •  Integrated cognitive (ideas), affective (feelings) and psycho-motor (actions) domains into your learning tasks.
  • Identified how you’ll transfer what you’ve learned into your “real world” circumstances.
  • Participated in three strong closings, modeling how to effectively conclude a learning event.
  • Worked collaboratively and used techniques that are effective for small groups.
  • Named and used the principles and practices of Dialogue Education for sustainable learning.

Class size: up to 20 (due to participative, learning-centered approach)

Length: 4 full days

Tuition includes all workshop materials and supplies, a substantial workbook, and two teaching tools. You also will receive your own copy of Dr. Jane Vella’s book, Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach.

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