Teryn Jones

Teryn has been training dogs for over 20 years.  She has a diploma in Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences and Feline Behavior Science and Technology. She is a Certified Dialog Education Practitioner through Global Learning Partners. She was a contract trainer for the ASPCA where she traveled around the country teaching Meet Your Match Canine-ality,  Feline-ality & SAFER (dog aggression assessments). Previously she worked as a Sr. Animal Behaviorist at an animal shelter. While there she oversaw the animal behavior department and was responsible for assessing dog and cats, the shelter life enrichment program for the dogs and cats, and training staff and volunteers on feline-ality & animal behavior awareness.  She also managed the animal care and adoption employees. She has owned a successful dog & cat training business where she and her trainers taught behavior consults, group classes (dogs), private lessons and board and train (dogs). She has trained police dogs and their handlers in protection, narcotics detection and tracking. She is one of only a few civilian instructors who have taught at the International Police K9 conference. Teryn volunteered as a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of America (GDA) for 15 years and was their Area Leader (conducting meetings) for 7 years. Teryn was also an accredited senior training instructor and graduated number one in her accreditation class. She has taught a 120 hour instructor's accreditation class on learning theory, ethology, handling skills, and other canine related topics. Teryn has attended over 450 hours of seminars by world renowned animal trainers covering subjects like aggression, problem solving, how dogs think, trick training, enrichment, obedience, etc. She has written articles on animal training for magazines and newspapers and has taught seminars to dog trainers and dog owners.  Additionally, Teryn was a volunteer for exotic large cats at a wild animal rescue organization and appeared on the Jay Leno Show with the late Crocodile Hunter.  Her certifications included Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT), certified SAFER evaluator, and a licensed therapy dog evaluator.

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